Post Moulding Services

Secondary operations are an important part of our manufacturing process, with trimming and finishing of products being a general standard service we offer. We can additionally provide our customers with a variety of further options, adding value to your product and at times, outsourcing certain parts of your workload to ourselves may prove to be an advantage.

Post moulding services can be carried out once your product is cooled and removed from the mould, our services include:

Trimming & de-burring, aperture cutting and hole drilling, assembly of the moulding and adding value to your product, such as the addition of components: Brackets, hinges & fasteners, inserts, wiring, lighting, handles, strengthening bars, pumping systems, lids and doors, chip monitoring systems, etc.

We also offer a finished product testing service, welding and chemical bonding, decorative paint finishes and moulded-in and post-moulding graphics and labels.

Not only can we add value to your finished product post-moulding, but we can also assemble and pack your free issue items, assembly instructions and paperwork etc. so your product is fully packaged and ready to use.

If required, we can provide a full delivery service direct to your customers.

We can design & manufacture in-house, any cooling and cutting jigs that may be required for the routing of apertures by hand and drilled holes, we can also carry out C.N.C routing and cutting using one of our 3 in house machines.

We can also offer an additional plastic fabrication and welding service, working to the BS EN 13067 Standard, adding items such as pipes & fittings etc.

All of the above services can be utilised to ensure that your product is delivered to you in exactly the condition and stage of how you specifically require it.

Post Moulding
Post Moulding
Post Moulding
Post Moulding
Post Moulding machine
Marine ply trimming jig
Dashboard shows c/w moulded in threaded inserts
Tractor roof panel
Finished Article

Post Moulding Services