Post Moulding Services

Post moulding services can be carried out once your product is cooled and removed from the moulding machine and any post moulding cooling jig if one is required, our services include:

Trimming & de-burring – aperture cutting and hole drilling – assembly of the moulding and adding value to your product such as the attachment of items such as hinges & fasteners – wiring etc.

We can also carry out any finished product testing on your behalf – welding and and chemical bonding – fastening – decorative paint finishes & mould in and on graphics and labels – inserts etc.

Not ony can we add value to your finished moulding post moulding but we can also assemble and pack your free issue items and assembly instructions and paperwork etc so your product is fully packaged and ready to use.

If needed we can offer a full packaging and delivery service to your customers address.

We can design & manufacture in house any cooling and cutting jigs that may be needed for say the routing by hand of apertures and drilled holes etc we can also carry out C.N.C routing and cutting using one of our 3 in house machines.

We can also carry out any additional plastic fabrication and welding work to the product to BS EN 13067 and add such items as pipes & fittings etc.

Post Moulding
Post Moulding
Post Moulding
Post Moulding
Post Moulding machine
Marine ply trimming jig
Dashboard shows c/w moulded in threaded inserts
Tractor roof panel