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Design plays a critical role in the success of rotational moulding. The design of the part must take into account the properties of the material, the moulding process, and the desired end-use. Here are some important considerations for rotational moulding design:

  • Wall thickness: The wall thickness of the part should be consistent throughout to ensure even heating and cooling during the moulding process. Varying wall thickness can cause warping and deformation.
  • Draft angles: Draft angles are used to allow the part to be easily released from the mould. A draft angle of at least 1 degree per inch of wall thickness is recommended to ensure proper release.
  • Ribs and gussets: Ribs and gussets can be used to reinforce the part and prevent warping. They should be designed to allow for even heating and cooling during the moulding process.
  • Undercuts: Undercuts can make it difficult to release the part from the mould. They should be avoided or designed to allow for easy release.
  • Mouldability: The part should be designed to be easily moulded using the rotational moulding process. This includes avoiding sharp corners or edges, designing parts with a uniform thickness, and ensuring that the part is balanced and symmetrical.
  • Materials: The material used for the part must be compatible with the rotational moulding process. It should also be able to meet the desired end-use requirements, such as strength, flexibility, and durability.

Designing for rotational moulding requires careful consideration of many factors to ensure that the part can be successfully produced using this manufacturing process. A well-designed part will not only improve the quality of the final product but can also reduce manufacturing costs and increase efficiency.

Overall, rotational moulding is a versatile and cost-effective manufacturing process, suitable for a wide range of applications. However, it has some limitations that need to be reviewed when deciding if it is the right process for a particular project.

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